Friday, January 22, 2010

Nylon Feet Smell Why Do Women's Feet Smell More With Nylons Than Either Barefoot Or Socks? What Is It About Nylons?

Why do women's feet smell more with nylons than either barefoot or socks? What is it about nylons? - nylon feet smell

One thing I noticed when a woman uses her stockings to the ankle feet tend to be more likely to have an odor when worn with socks or something. Why is this so? Is there something special nylon?

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  1. I suppose, because the socks and shoes, which are still in circulation are air conditioned.
    Cotton is a material to breathe, can, unlike nylon, which is aa plastic. The constant air flow through the nylon and nylon materials may not like.
    Sweating without adequate air circulation, the feet, if only an accumulation of bacteria and fungi. Previous causing odors.
    Cotton is an ideal material to absorb moisture as opposed to nylon